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Formula1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix


IATC is fully equipped to render services related to vehicle recovery. No matter how remote your vehicle is, our highly skilled and trained recovery

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Managing Director’s Message

MD’s Promise:

“I care about cars and the people who drive them and so do my team, which is why I employ them. We can help you make an informed decision depending on the problem that you are faced with due to our extensive experience in this industry having been providing roadside assistance for over 30 years now. I personally guarantee that you will not receive better service anywhere else in the UAE.”

About the Managing Director and Founder

Mr. Hamad Ali Al Mazroui, four times UAE National Rally Champion and Internationally Rally Champion founded the IATC-UAE and the driving force since then. He is also the Founder and the Managing Director of the company and is actively involved in all of its operations. Drawing on his extensive knowledge and experience of the automobile and motoring industry, he has been instrumental in shaping the services offered by the company and is constantly introducing innovative services geared towards offering customers superior services. His visionary leadership has not only strengthened IATC-UAE but has always set new high standards for the industry to follow.