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IATC is fully equipped to render services related to vehicle recovery. No matter how remote your vehicle is, our highly skilled and trained recovery

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The IATC Club Card – Benefits and Services offered
If you think all motoring organizations are the same it’s time to take a look at IATC. Our high quality of breakdown cover, combined with our extremely competitive price means we leave many a motoring organizations standing, don’t take our word for it – 200,000 satisfied customers cannot be wrong. One call is all it takes to get one of our highly trained service professional to get to you, wherever you breakdown. Our average call out time is just under 30 minutes.

As an IATC Club member you can avail of the following services completely FREE, all year long.

  • Free Recovery and Transportation – as a club member you are entitled to unlimited recovery and transportation of your vehicle to any destination in the UAE, free of cost. This service has now also been extended to cover off road recovery (except organized road rally or similar activities).
  • Free IATC Flat Tyre – As a club member, should you ever experience a flat tyre, then our team would replace it for you free of charge, subject to a spare tire being present on board the vehicle.
  • Free IATC “Home start” – this is also known as a battery boost service. Should your car have trouble starting first thing in the morning or after a hard day’s work, we will provide you with a jump-start and battery boost service for free. This offer is unlimited and is offered any number of times during the course of the membership.
  • Free IATC “Unlock” – As a club member, if ever you find that you have accidentally locked yourself out of your vehicle or have misplaced your keys, we will attempt to unlock the vehicle under the supervision of the appropriate authorities. Now haven’t we all been there before! This offer is unlimited and is offered any number of times during the course of the membership.
  • Free IATC “Fuel Connect” – As a club member, if your vehicle ever run out of fuel, IATC Road Patrol will deliver free of charge a maximum of 5 gallons of fuel. You only pay for the fuel, no matter where you are. This offer is unlimited and is offered any number of times during the course of the membership.
  • Free IATC “ Family & Friends” – We at IATC believe that, it is YOU the customer that drives us towards achieving our vision of continued and constant customer satisfaction. Keeping this is mind, we’ve introduced the IATC “Family and Friends” program, wherein should you be traveling in a friend’s or relatives car and a breakdown should occur, you along with the people nominated by you will be provided assistance. The vehicle in question will also be attended to Free of Charge.
  • Free IATC “Hotline – 600 522 247" – As a club member you have access to a toll free number 24 hours a day that will be at your service should you have any questions or suggestions. The experienced staff manning these helpdesks will also be able to advice you on the best course of action to take whether experiencing a breakdown or if planning a desert safari or cross-country driving. They would also be able to suggest routes and help you plan your journey safely.
  • Discount on labor charges – As an IATC club member, you will be entitled to a 50% discount on labor charges at all our garage facilities all across the UAE.
  • IATC “Air Rescue Unit” – This unique service is offered in dire cases where our land units cannot reach site of incident. Highly qualified and experienced professionals that are capable of dealing with any incident promptly and efficiently man our Air Support Team. IATC is the only organization offering this service throughout the region.
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